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Brown Athean 101-4100

Rs. 4,895 Rs. 3,450

The brown & bold monk strap featuring dual buckles exhibiting a masculine appeal.

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Black Mcmilleon 101-5000

Rs. 5,100 Rs. 3,800

The chic black leather slip-on combined with silver buckle that adds up to your persona

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Black Dm-31-1Sale!21%

Black Silver Buckle...

Rs. 2,800 Rs. 2,200

The black suede casual loafer for everyday wear featuring a buckle that makes you different from the rest

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Black Hobert 101-7201

Rs. 5,100 Rs. 4,000

The elegant black slip-on with a silver buckle ideal for casual walking and lounging around

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Brown Chevi 111-6407

Rs. 4,500Rs. 4,650 Rs. 3,700Rs. 4,500

A brown formal lace-up edgy design that fits snug.

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Brown Milano Derby...

Rs. 4,650 Rs. 3,550

The brown leather all time classic derby with a lace-up style to make you keep going in style

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Black-Pull-up -BD-016-(1)Sale!29%

Black Pull-up BD-016

Rs. 3,250 Rs. 2,300

Black pull up leather with a shoe-lace style affixed at the top for a better casual look

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Black Suede Casual...

Rs. 2,700 Rs. 2,000

The black suede leather of the casual category that takes you anywhere with comfort

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Blue Casual Suede...

Rs. 2,600 Rs. 2,000

The blue suede leather of the casual category that combines with the white web on the front that meets your styling demand

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Dm-31 Brown (New) -1Sale!21%

Brown Silver Buckle...

Rs. 2,800 Rs. 2,200

The brown milled leather moccasin geared with contrasting shoe collar and a silver buckle to give you confidence while you walk

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Light Brown-Neubuck-Casual-2635-(1)Sale!30%

Light Brown Nubuck...

Rs. 3,295 Rs. 2,300

The light brown moccasin with a darker shoe saddle for a modern look

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Dark Brown-Neubuck-Casual-2635-(1)Sale!30%

Dark Brown Nubuck...

Rs. 3,295 Rs. 2,300

The dark brown moccasin created with a shoe saddle for a classy touch

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