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Black Chayosu AM-005

Rs. 6,650

The Hand-Stitched loafer’s refined shape is enriched with a combination of two of the House’s most distinct codes: the green & red stripe and Silver Horsebit. Its super comfortable for everyday wear due to its jelly padding inside.

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Black Olaran AM-003

Rs. 6,550

Olaran Black is revolutionized with Its state of the Art Imported Rubber sole which is better than Ever! Calf Brush off skin gives an edge as its shines each time its cleaned with soft Fabric, Shiny Black with Sharp Looks makes it a catch. Added Utility is its Jelly Inner Pad which is extremely Comfy.

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Black Flitro DC-026-(1)

Black Flitro DC-026

Rs. 5,850

Flitro Black is a classy black horsebit driver loved by all, Its premium skin upper and goat skin inner is the key of its fame, Its imported rubber sole distints it from the rest.

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Black Pinfu DC-030-(1)

Black Pinfu DC-030

Rs. 5,850

Black Pinfu is Geo- Printed Cow Skin Driver which is made to inspire all, It gives extra luxurious feel thanks to its driving sole. Inner of the shoes is made of premium goat skin resulting great feel.

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Black Arkisani DC-029-(1)

Black Arkisani DC-029

Rs. 6,000

Black Arkisani blows all away with its Stylish Ostrich printed Skin, so graceful that it catches eyes for long, Its golden Gancio makes it even more Exotic. Driving sole gives it better grip for long walks.

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Black Belmaro DC-025-(1)

Black Belmaro DC-025

Rs. 5,850

Black Belmaro comes with a stunning Gold Gancio on top, Sleek Patent Leather makes it a royal wear, Keeps Your style game on top of all.

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Black Ishfery ND-007-(1)Sale!29%

Black Milled Ishfery...

Rs. 4,900 Rs. 3,500

Ishfery Black Milled is handcrafted with perfection to give it classy mid 70s look and charm which never went out of style, Its extra lux inner and rubber sole promises to live upto its hype. Premium calf skin is used in Ishfery making which can be paired with almost any attire.

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Black Fanttalio DC-019-(1)

Black Fanttalio DC-019

Rs. 5,850

Black Fanttalio comes with a Stunning Gold Gancio, which is really a treat for eyes. The Leather used in it is soft grained calf leather with the latest engineered driving sole.

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Black Girlanu DC-018-(1)

Black Girlanu DC-018

Rs. 4,900

Girlanu seaprates itself from the rest due to its preferrated Calf Leather , Extremely Soft Driver is topped with a Matte Black Horsebit Gancio, which makes it look sharp and on point.

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Black Sailur GC-005-(1)

Black Sailur GC-005

Rs. 3,250

Black Sailur is go-to Leather Sneakers which is made to last. The stylish Laced-up Sailur upper is Black Leather, the inner is made super comfy. The sole feature is all new and is pretty comfortable.

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Black Maldetor GC-009-(1)

Black Maldetor GC-009

Rs. 3,500

Maldetor is for those who like to be out for long, special Suede-Aniline Upper makes it unique and a must have, where as its thick and soft rubber sole makes it only choice for long days. The inner is super comfy.

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Black Maritani DC-017-(1)

Black Maritani DC-017

Rs. 4,900

Black Maritani is old school classic black driver featuring Deer Skin Print on the upper, inner of the shoes is made up of goatskin, whereas the sole is the latest engineered driver.

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