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Tan Gostenz 7241-R

Rs. 7,850 Rs. 6,280

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Tan Chive Brush Off AF-015-(1)Sale!40%

Tan Chive Brush...

Rs. 7,600 Rs. 4,560

Tan Chive is for all the Shoes addicts who value horsebits Semi Formals, New Thing in chive is the latest Brush Off Leather, which shines all the time, Its so practical to wear that it requires just a tissue to wipe it clean make it look new again. It features Imported Rubber sole for strong grip and longer life.

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Tan Ostrich Mirtheni AF-036-(1)Sale!40%

Tan Ostrich Mirtheni...

Rs. 7,850 Rs. 4,710

Tan Mirtheni is a delight to wear, Finest work of art on the Ostrich Printed calf skin with Brown Dyed Pores to add beauty to it, This Cap-toe Oxfords features minor Boruging details on toe which makes it highly Formal and Casual at the same time. Its Italian Imported Leather sole is an Added Advantage.

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Tan Capado AF-022-(2)Sale!20%

Tan Capado AF-022

Rs. 6,300 Rs. 5,040

Capado Tan is the miracle of Art, Sophistically made to shine, it steals the show with awesome work done its upper, The Blue Contrast on the middle of the shoes makes it unique and a treasures find. Its Leather sole Semi Formal made to last.

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Tan Carclus AF-009-(1)Sale!20%

Tan Carclus AF-009

Rs. 7,850 Rs. 6,280

Tan Carclus is one of the most elegant Hand-Stitched moccasins with Mesmerizing Tassels which definitely does the job, Be it a professional meeting, Social Gathering,or a casual friends night out, The Italian Leather sole has extra Grip and perfect hold around your feet.

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