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Tan Astuna A-136-1

Tan Astuna A-136

Rs. 3,250

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Tan Noavol A-138

Rs. 4,200

Noavol Tan is constructed with two wide Leather Straps on the Upper with unique Suede Leather Detailing gives it elegant yet effortless look. Imported thick and soft Rubber sole is intact with a comfy pad for tireless days.

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Tan Esorima A-135

Rs. 4,600

Esorima Tan adds a Classy Touch to your Summer Style with its sleek designs, Its catchy leather upper feels smart and elegant equally.
Imported thick and soft Rubber sole is intact with a comfy pad for tireless days.

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Tan Astallo A-132

Rs. 4,000

Astallo Tan is V styled Leather Sandals with high quality Elastic for better Fit, It’s Unique Upper Design is had experts work tirelessly on it to make it look exotic, Special Comfy Rubber Sole is what makes it a must have.

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Tan Philpo A-131

Rs. 3,750

Philpo Tan is Thong Stylled Slippers with some awesome cool add ons,Leather small Stripes are joined in way that makes it look mystic. Stylish Green n Red Twilled Tape on Leather upper is joined to give it trendy look, Soft Rubber Sole is added to make it Comfy which is always a must for slippers.

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Tan Ceeshi A-120

Rs. 4,000

Ceeshi Tan is Latest designed to be double CrissCross sandals, the first of its kind, Its made with Smooth Full Grained Calf Leather Featuring Light Rubber Sole, Its an awesome addition to summer wardrobe as it pairs well with Kurta pajama and may also be paired with Denim Jeans for an effortless Look.

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Tan Wudlan A-122

Rs. 3,250

Wudlan Tan is Greek inspired sandals ideally for summer , Handmade to perfection, this genuine leather sandals feels having no weight at all.Imported rubber sole provides maximum satisfaction.

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Tan Canalila A-123

Rs. 2,850

Canalila Tan is tidy, so slim and stylish that everyone wants to get hands on it, Calf Leather Strips are joined in artistic way to attract viewers, Its Imported  Rubber sole gets you places tirelessly.

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Tan Vilfendo A-067

Rs. 3,500

Vilfendo Tan is sleek and gentle, this light weight sandal is so comfortable that its difficult to part with, its light imported rubber sole is the key to its luxury feels.

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Tan Peshawari PS-001

Rs. 2,800

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Tan Olberic A-034

Rs. 4,000

Tan Olberic, a Turks Inspired Sandal is absolutely a gift a Tan Color Lovers, It Smart, Soft and Flexible, Made with supreme quality Calf Leather is always a choice for adventurous outing.

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